Monday, July 9, 2007

it's tragic, yes it's true

chelsea elvis chelsea hydrant
hey eleanor, it seems your heart's on your sleeve
and it's the reason that you want to leave
so if you're going to go
just go, just go

we've come to understand that the letter in your hand
it came from a boy who won't be your man
it's tragic, yes it's true
but don't let it ruin this town for you

eleanor, it seems that train's going to leave
and you'd better hurry if that's what you need ..........(cftpa)
but if you still don't know
don't go, oh honey don't go

There is something really exciting about living in New York. I used to have to sometimes jump up and

down to dispel the energy. Now I just kind of bounce. One day I will have to leave, but for now, I have great friends who tell me: Don't go.

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jennifer said...

That's wonderful. It's really great to feel so alive and like the possibilities are endless in a city that leaves you energized.