Saturday, June 30, 2007

a hiccup in your happiness

the start is the hardest part
to step inside and announce a newly broken heart

I often get the hiccups late at night.
When I've been out.
And have partaken in some drinking.
Last night I learned a new trick.
It's foolproof!

take a deep breath.
without exhaling, take several more small breaths until you can't inhale anymore.
let out the air in equally small increments until you are empty.

it hurts, but it works.

I had gotten the hiccups on the way home from seeing
The Ballet at Cinders. Cinders is the cutest gallery ever! There I discovered my new favourite artist, Kevin Hooyman. Browsing his website I found this:

but please don’t despair, Louise
today will end and your heart will mend, if by degrees

and it hurts even more than you thought
and it feels like forever just now
but one day you’ll look back on this
as a hiccup in your happiness.

I can't inhale anymore.

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