Friday, March 21, 2008


In the last week a number of people have commented to me about how I like to cook. How misleading this blog has been! Here is my refrigerator on a normal day:

I can't remember when I took that picture. Actually that day was particularly bad. There are maybe some vegetables in there right now, but also more booze. I don't even really drink at home. Everything is misleading!

Today for dinner I had some cheese and crackers, olives and grapes. I love Cerignola olives. I won't tell you how many I've eaten because it's too embarrassing. More embarrassing than that picture of my fridge.

if something in the deli aisle
makes you cry
you know I'll put my arm around you and I'll walk you outside
through the sliding doors
why would I mind?


jennifer said...

Your lonely fridge! You live alone, right? Still, I too think of you as someone who loves to cook and appreciates the diversity of food.

bomo said...

ha. yeah, I've been accused of having a bachelor fridge many times before!

and I just appreciate how photogenic food can be.

Marianthi said...

Brilliant use of the Blow lyric, yoobs. I love your bags and everything you do! x