Sunday, February 18, 2007

take this job and shove it

there's a choir behind me
egging me on
placing their bets and
hoping I'll do no wrong

One of my old co-workers has decided to quit his new job and travel Europe. My boss is finding this incomprehensible. How can his star pupil want to throw his career away in this manner? It's inconceivable. Or isn't it? My boss's voice went up two octaves when I told him once that I was thinking of doing more or less the same thing. The quitting, not the Europe bit, though that would be nice, too!

Anyway, I was thinking of this again the other night. I went to a showroom party thing (?) for a company that makes bedding. All these beds draped with beautiful sheets and duvets and pillows. Who uses that many pillows anyway? And waiters walking around with trays of hor'deurves and booze. And a live band! Two bands! I even got a little loot bag when I left. Oh private sector, stop taunting me!

If I could do life all over again, would I be who I am? Would this job be my job? Probably. I am scared of taking chances with my career. I am a sucker. But I still wish I were doing something else.

I love textiles. I would love to make things all day. I would have liked to make bedding, maybe. I like blankets.

my beginner’s luck is wearing thin
I’ll need to rely on skill if I’m going to win

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