Thursday, March 29, 2007

hail ceasar

Rosie came to visit the other week and brought me 10 litres of Clamato juice!

Some interesting trivia (from here):
"The Caesar, a quintessential Canadian invention has been one of this country’s most favored savory cocktails for over 35 years. Spiced up, or spiced down, each year, over 300 million Caesars are served to Canadians across the country (almost ten times the nation’s entire population) reflecting the fact that the savory Caesar is a cherished part of Canadian life. -- The tale of the Caesar began in 1969 when inventor, bar manager and mixologist extraordinaire Walter Chell was challenged to concoct his own unique cocktail creation to mark the opening of a Calgary restaurant. Since then, the infamous blend of vodka and Mott’s Clamato tomato-clam cocktail (a combination of tomato juice, mashed clams and a top secret blend of spices) has become a true Canadian icon."

Here we go, yo:

So anyway, I guess this evens the score: New York 1, Toronto 1

Isn't celery lovely?


melissa said...

what did you put on the rim of the glass?!

bomo said...

celery salt! It's the best part.

jennifer said...

Oh, girl, CLAM juice?!? I still can't even get down with vegetable juice. How sad.

Anonymous said...

So I'm a Canadian, live in the Yukon Territory of all places, and I'm down in Phoenix on a golf trip, 1991 or sometime. Thinking that bloody caesars are universal I order one from the bartender who has become my bud. He has no idea what a caesar is, or what Mott's Clamato juice is. I tell him that it's a mixture of clam and tomato juice, spiced, with vodka. Being a very nice guy he goes into the back of the bar and ten long minutes later comes out with a very presentable caesar, but a little high on the clam taste. Everone at the bar is interested by now. Seems he opened a couple of the restaurants cans of clams (32 ouncers), drained the juice and whipped up his own Mott's!!!. The entire bar ended up having a caesar party. I'm happy to have contributed to this cultural exchange.

bomo said...

Thanks for the Yukon-Phoenix story! Next time I'm in Phoenix, I'm going to order a Caesar, thanks to you.